The Browar Błonie Sp. z o.o is a leader of the capital group, which also features Inne Beczki SA and Piwny Projekt Sp. z o.o. The company has been established in order to complete a project related to construction of an industrial brewery.

The Błonie Brewery was launched in 2018 by the founders of Inne Beczki SA, which has based its development on contract production since 2013. In 2016, Inne Beczki SA decided on a public issue of stock what provided PLN 400,000.00 from 757 shareholders.

The Akcja Browar campaign www.akcjabrowar.pl spanned no more than 11 days. None other company from Poland, seeking to collect funds in the process of so-called shareholder crowdfunding, managed to achieve such an impressive result. An initial objective of the Akcja Browar was to establish a microbrewery. Later, there emerged an idea to construct a self-containing brewery. In 2017, the company succeeded in obtaining a strategic investor, related to the WhyDuck? brewery.

Combined potential of both parties allowed to form the most modern craft brewery in Poland within less than a year. The Błonie Brewery intends to develop its own production and also provide a modern platform for beer brewing to be carried out by any other craft brewery.

The Błonie Brewery is the top Polish location for craft beer manufacturing. Target manufacturing capability, within current infrastructure, is 5 million litres of beer per year. A beer to be brewed in precisely programmed technological regime, providing unmatched quality, top effectiveness and flawless repeatability. Also, the Błonie Brewery introduces a number of novelties and improvements in our craft beer market: technologically advanced can filling line, beer keg pasteurisation and the ERP system to manage the brewery.

Based on our advanced technological solutions, we would like to strengthen our position of the leader of beer revolution. We would also really like to establish a place for sharing experiences, creating new solutions, promoting the best standards and supporting innovation.

We are interested in supporting development of market position of Polish craft beers, while contributing to raise awareness of the consumers. Our ambition is to become an important reference for craft beer in Poland and beyond. We want to support development and consolidation of craft beer market.